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Pixe comprises of three powerful modules.  

Pixe Photo Booth lets users take their picture, add a quote and post to the brand’s Facebook photo album and Twitter media gallery. Users can then tag these photos, share with their friends and have their friends like the photos, resulting in a strong viral reach for the brand.

Pixe Photo Wall seamlessly streams the photos and testimonials captured using Pixe Photo Booth to a variety of media to extend the reach of Pixe Social while improving the brand positioning.

Pixe Snap enables users to express their emotional connection with their favorite brands and events.Using the geo-location feature, fans can identify brands and share a selfie & testimonial with friends and family on their social networks.The photos are automatically posted with the chosen brand's logo and unique hashtag.

Photo Booth App
Photo Wall App
Cloud Subscription
Facebook Integration
Twitter Integration
One iPad with Photo Booth App
One iPad  with Photo Wall App
One iPad Stand
Shipping Case
Marketing Support
Signage for Photo Booth iPad Stand - -
Marketing Email template - -
Instruction Card template - -
Props -
Additional Services
Custom Signage for Photo Booth Stand Optional Optional Optional
Data Connection 4G/LTE* Wi-fi Enabled Wi-fi Enabled
*Internet connectivity using cellular data is based upon availability
Multiple license discounts available. Call for details.
Event License for use up to one week.

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